If I had to choose a diet…

Just like the shelves in the long aisles of grocery stores that are packed with too many choices, we have a plethora of diets (or are they fad diets?) to choose from. There is SO much information out there…how can you possibly decide what is right for you?!

When clients ask me this question, I assess their needs. Yes, different approaches suit different body types, metabolisms, lifestyles and cultural differences. But what often works is good old moderation and balance…

An approach I do warm to, is the Mediterranean Diet. The principals of this diet include fairly high consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals / grains, fruits, plenty vegetables, higher consumption of fish, moderate intake of dairy products (mostly as cheese & yoghurt), moderate wine consumption, and lower intake of meat and chicken.

Not only can this way of eating be delicious! Think Greek food…Italian food… but it is heart healthy too. Check out this easy to understand document  http://oldwayspt.org/sites/default/files/MakeEachDayMedKit2012.pdf  explaining this diet.

At the end of the day, you need something YOU are going to stick to. If you find yourself yo-yo’ing on and off diets, you are on the wrong one. It is always a good idea to visit a dietician in your area to discuss your options (www.adsa.org).

Summer is around the corner – find your favourite diet now, and look out for my Mediterranean meal plan coming soon

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